4-pack Vino Chapeau® Discs


Vino Chapeau discs are multi-purpose cling-enabled wineglass covers that enhance your wine tasting experience. With their unique ability to cling to the rim of your wineglass, Vino Chapeau discs remain secure as you swirl your wine. Made from a high-grade polymer plastic, the discs are completely reusable. Thin and lightweight, they can be easily tucked into your purse or pocket.

  • Concentrates Aromas
  • Shields Flying Bugs
  • Controls Temperature


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Vino Chapeau® discs are innovative multi-purpose cling-enabled wineglass covers that enhance your wine tasting experience in three ways: 1) aroma concentration, 2) bug shielding, and 3) temperature control for white wines. Vino Chapeau wineglass covers were primarily developed as a convenient way to enhance the aromatic portion of the wine tasting experience. As a result wine enthusiasts are better able to identify specific wine aromas when the aromas are concentrated and enhanced. Beyond wine aroma enhancement wine enthusiasts enjoy Vino Chapeau wineglass covers outdoors on the patio for shielding their wineglass from flying bugs. And thirdly, a convenient usage that white wine lovers really enjoy – Vino Chapeau wineglass covers help keep your white wine cool when enjoying wine outdoors on a warm patio.

During the development of Vino Chapeau® discs we utilized the “Z-Nose” gas chromatograph to measure the concentration of the aroma molecules present in a covered wineglass vs an uncovered wineglass. In the testing of a swirled wineglass with a Vino Chapeau disc versus a swirled wineglass without a Vino Chapeau disc, the test data clearly showed that using Vino Chapeau disc resulted in the doubling of the concentration of wine aroma molecules in the wineglass.

Vino Chapeau® Disc Use
For aroma enhancement place the disc on top of your wine glass, swirl your wine and let the aromas concentrate. After about 15 seconds hold the wineglass to your nose and gently slide the disc off to enjoy the enhanced aromas of your wine.

The “Hang Tab” feature on the Vino Chapeau wineglass covers allows users to conveniently hang their wineglass cover on the rim of the wineglass when they’re not using it on top of their wineglass.

Caring for Vino Chapeau® Discs
Wash Vino Chapeau discs by hand with mild soap and warm water. The clingy characteristic of the Vino Chapeau discs is “renewed” each time they are washed. Do not place the discs in the dishwasher. Rinse discs well and dry discs with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Storing Discs in Jewel Case: Return cleaned discs to the clear acrylic jewel case provided.

Storing Discs on Wineglasses: You may also store your wineglass covers sitting flat on the top of wineglasses in your cabinet. Note: When storing discs on wineglasses, we DO NOT recommend using the hang tab to hang the disc on the rim of the wineglass.


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