Vino Chapeau® discs are multi-purpose "cling-enabled" wineglass covers that enhance your wine tasting experience. With their unique ability to cling to the rim of your wineglass, Vino Chapeau discs remain secure as you swirl your wine. This 3 in 1 cover:

  • Concentrates Aromas
  • Shields Flying Bugs
  • Controls Temperature

Made from a high-grade polymer plastic, Vino Chapeau discs are completely reusable. Thin and lightweight, they can be easily tucked into your purse or pocket. The “Hang Tab” feature on Vino Chapeau wineglass covers allows users to conveniently hang their wineglass cover on the rim of the wineglass when it’s not needed on top of the wineglass.

The data from a "Z-Nose" gas chromatograph has shown when testing a swirled wineglass ‘with’ a Vino Chapeau disc on the glass - versus a swirled wineglass ‘without’ a Vino Chapeau disc, that using the disc resulted in a doubling of the concentration of wine aroma molecules in the wineglass. As a result of concentrating the wine aromas wine enthusiasts are better able to identify specific wine aromas.

Custom logo Vino Chapeau® discs are available by special order.

The Matrix

The Wine Aroma Matrix is designed to help identify specific wine aromas by combining the use of our human visual and olfactory senses (and memories). When using the Fruit & Floral matrix chart you take advantage of our natural ability to recall the color of fruits, and flowers. For example, after smelling the wine’s aroma – if you identify that the wine contains the aroma of Red fruit, you follow the Red color row across while reviewing the aromas for a match.  Similarly, you can do this with the matrix chart for Earth & Spice aromas.

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