Vino Chapeau

An Easy Way to Pair Wine and Food

MyRecipes has partnered with Snooth, the world’s largest wine site, to offer a new wine pairing for every recipe on You can now peruse the thousands of professionally-tested recipes on MyRecipes and get automatically-generated wine pairings based on each individual dish. There is also a new Browse Wines search function that highlights […]

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Cross-Modal Associations Between Odors and Colors

Cross-Modal association is the pattern of how our brains naturally integrate and simultaneously utilize sensory inputs from two or more of our human senses. The Wine Aroma Matrix is based on the cross-modal association of our vision and olfactory senses. For example, when you first tasted cinnamon toast not only did […]

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Beyond the Wine Aroma Wheel: ‘Wine Aroma Matrix’ pairs Olfactory with Vision

The Wine Aroma Matrix, WA-trix for short, represents an innovative new type of aroma chart that groups wine aromas by the color of the substance that is responsible for creating the aroma. All of the black fruit aromas are found grouped together on the same color row. Similarly, the listings of red fruit […]

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